Revelation Adventure©

Revelation Adventure© is a fact-based Bible curriculum, specifically designed to teach the book of Revelation to 3rd-12th grade students. However, students of all ages will benefit from this type of teaching tool. The curriculum includes 51 scenes to construct, using over 400 stickers, and over 200 fact-based multiple choice questions.

This is a fully downloadable PDF from which you can print as many copies of the scenes and stickers as needed. Using just a handful of other common items, scenes from Revelation come to life as the students clip their stickers and complete each background. Details are specific and there is no outside interpretation of the book.

This curriculum is valuable for all types of learning styles: auditory, read/write, tactile, and visual learners. The teacher/leader reads the scripture aloud before each lesson and details are reinforced through text, fill-in-the-blanks, and beautiful, original artwork by Katherine Reed.


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