Customer Reviews

The book of Revelation is sometimes thought of as book that is too difficult to study for younger students. Mrs. Reed has taken a challenging book of the Bible and made it easier to understand with hands on crafts and activities. These activities do not diminish the meaning of the book, but enhance the impact for the students' learning process and retention of key information. What a great learning tool! I would love to see more just like this with other books of the Bible. -L. Byrd, Tyler, TX

This is an amazing set of materials for your child whether individually or as part of a Sunday school program to dive into the Word of God. This study brings clarity and understanding to the book of Revelation. The lessons cover the material in detail and the graphics for the lesson bring the story to life for your student(s). This is a great way to engage with your students and immerse them into Revelation with lots of visual aides to bring the word to life. I would recommend this curriculum to all ages, children and adults. - T. Mullins, Mt. Pleasant, TX